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A sense of purpose and belonging

7 Aug 2018 | Volunteer Stories

I’ve loved to see people have fun at our community circus events

Part of the Achieve2B family

24 Jul 2018 | Volunteer Stories

It’s truly inspiring to see people who are at a disadvantage push through, not give up and bravely participate.

Lending a sustainable hand

10 Jul 2018 | Volunteer Stories

Kelmarna Gardens is a community space where cool people from all walks of life come to enjoy the outdoors and lend a hand

Circus and smiles

12 Jun 2018 | Volunteer Stories

I find it very rewarding to assist the disabled to learn circus, their joyful smile always make my day.

Giving back to the community

17 Apr 2018 | Volunteer Stories

After retiring and enjoying many years of family life, we both decided to try and put something back into the community.

Connecting the Dots

4 Apr 2018 | Volunteer Stories

The reason I decided to volunteer is because I am always looking for reasons for give back to the community.

Plain Sailing

20 Mar 2018 | Volunteer Stories

The aim of Sailability is to provide those with a disability a safe environment to experience adventure and freedom.

Volunteering brought my studies to life

6 Mar 2018 | Volunteer Stories

It provides me with the opportunity to be able to interact with people from all walks of life on a fundamentally human level, an experience I feel I w...

Light up someone's day

20 Feb 2018 | Volunteer Stories

A child can really light up your day and it’s really nice to watch my toddler make a connection with a resident

A weekly highlight

7 Feb 2018 | Volunteer Stories

As a newbie to the big city I decided to look for some new experiences to get better acquainted with my community.

Volunteer Stories

Working with wonderful people

I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to travel, explore, and gain new experiences. That’s why I think what Achieve 2B is doing is so i...