Strategic Plan 2024 - 2028

Strategic Plan 2024 - 2028

Our Aspirations for Volunteering

By 2028, we will have increased the number and range of quality relationships with individuals, NGOs, corporates, and key Auckland agencies by:

  • active collaboration with Auckland Council, Volunteering NZ, Volunteer Centre Network Aotearoa, and international organisations with a focus on volunteering
  • strengthening connections with community collectives and networks to support their needs / challenges for volunteers

By 2028, we will be actively enriching and supporting communities by:

  • promoting the value of volunteering in creating a sense of belonging and enhancing wellbeing
  • providing information and resources on volunteering trends, influences, opportunities, and challenges
  • continuing to model and promote the variety of ways to recognise and value volunteers

By 2028, we will be activley role-modeling inclusivity and diversity in volunteering by:

  • recognising and respecting Te Tiriti o Aotearoa
  • growing the diversity, experience and language skills of our staff team, volunteers, and board members
  • increasing our engagement with new and different population groups and/or sectors e.g. pasifika, new Aucklanders, people with disabilities, and youth

By 2028, we will have a stronger profile as the 'go to' organisation for volunteers and volunteering across Tāmaki makaurau Auckland by:

  • spearheading the growth of volunteering across the region
  • expanding our service offerings in terms of accessibility, geography, and range
  • creating opportunities for development for the VA team and board capability, capacity, and knowledge
  • ensuring our organisation is robust and sustainable with quality, accessible services

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