Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021

Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021

Our Aspirations for Volunteering

Increased volunteering happening across Auckland

  • ease of access to voluntary opportunities
  • more knowledge and awareness of volunteering
  • more people wanting to volunteer

Increased quality and more diverse volunteering opportunities

  • supporting NGOs to identify diverse voluntary opportunities across sectors
  • supporting NGOs to ensure quality volunteering experiences in quality roles
  • increased percentage of NGOs with available voluntary opportunities

Improved, valuable experience for Volunteers

  • longer engagement in volunteering with higher retention rate
  • excellent Volunteer Involving Programmes [ViP]
  • quality Leaders of Volunteering [ALV]

Strategic Drivers

Community Involvement
Uplifting the visibility and capability of volunteering within Auckland communities by:

  • providing professional development opportunities
  • supporting NGOs in their volunteer engagement practices
  • collaboration with partners to support volunteering

Growth in Volunteering
Forming connections for Volunteers with volunteering opportunities by:

  • having a diverse, quality range of voluntary opportunities
  • increase in available voluntary opportunities
  • supporting Corporate businesses with their staff volunteer engagement
  • promoting volunteering

Digital Access
A digitally enabled business meeting the needs of our communities by:

  • development of CONNECTv2 platform
  • engaging and communicating digitally with stakeholders
  • simplicity in digital engagement for stakeholders
  • social media engagement

Ensure Sustainability
Ensuring continual suport for the volunteering environment by:

  • applying appropriate levels of governance
  • leading a cross-skilled, high performing team
  • connecting to funders expectations for volunteering
  • telling the story of VA and volunteering trends

Volunteer Stories

Light up someone's day

A child can really light up your day and it’s really nice to watch my toddler make a connection with a resident