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Belonging through volunteering

19 Jun 2023 | Volunteer Stories

'I found a balance between the motherland in which my roots stem and my current homeland in which my branches stretch'

The healing power of play

30 May 2023 | Volunteer Stories

'The simplicity of play affects the child, their family and me as a volunteer. I always leave with a smile on my face too.' - Daniel Jiminez

A helping hand in an emergency

28 Nov 2019 | Volunteer Stories

It puts a different perspective on life ... you don’t see the reality, you don’t see the emotions that are right in front of your face

The Noise, the Smell and the Excitement

10 Apr 2019 | Volunteer Stories

“Walking in front of cars revving and raring to go might look dangerous but ... " Read Russell's story about volunteering at Waikaraka Park Family Sp...

For the love of the Sea - 25 years of Volunteering

9 Apr 2019 | Volunteer Stories

Model ships, muffins and sailing the seas .. volunteering is more than a pastime for these two men. Its a passion!

Let's Talk about the Animals

5 Apr 2019 | Volunteer Stories

I highly recommend volunteering ... especially when you can talk to others about the animals at Auckland Zoo!

Getting to "Hands On" at the Zoo

5 Apr 2019 | Volunteer Stories

A friend suggested I volunteer ... now I am getting experience and confidence. It is varied and definitely stops me staying at home all weekend.

Giving volunteering a go matters

3 Apr 2019 | Volunteer Stories

Volunteering with Youthline has been an opportunity to meet and make new friends. I feel a stronger bond with the community and it can open new doors.

Passionate about young people

2 Oct 2018 | Volunteer Stories

It felt good to know that I was helping make a difference for young people. One word at a time, one dollar at a time.

Working with wonderful people

21 Aug 2018 | Volunteer Stories

I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to travel, explore, and gain new experiences. That’s why I think what Achieve 2B is doing is so i...

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