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Volunteers provide therapy and joy for the disabled and helpers

28 Nov 2023 | Articles

A stunning setting in a busy city adds extra joy to all at Totara Park Riding for the Disabled, where volunteers transform the lives of young riders.

Celebrating amazing Leaders of Volunteer Engagement

16 Nov 2023 | Articles

We've had a fantastic time celebrating the Volunteering Auckland 2023 LoVE Awards – which celebrates outstanding Leaders of Volunteer Engagement.

Emergency radio volunteers heard, but rarely seen

30 Oct 2023 | Articles

An unassuming building on the North Shore hides a big secret – a little-known group of volunteers who could help Auckland get through a disaster.

Volunteering when disaster strikes

8 Oct 2023 | Articles

Is your organisation disaster-ready? Volunteering Auckland hosted a lively forum this week on volunteering in a disaster, and being prepared for emerg...

The joy of giving is Dave's driving force

5 Oct 2023 | Articles

A love of giving to others instilled by his granddad has become Dave Lovell's driving force.

Be kind to yourself, as well as others

19 Sep 2023 | Articles

For Mental Health Awareness week here are ‘5 Ways, 5 Days’: Simple things you can do for your mental wellbeing each day this week (and every week!).

Mental Health Awareness Week

13 Sep 2023 | Articles

Mental Health Awareness week recognises we all need to tool to look after our wellbeing. Five days, Five Ways provides tips for a week towards better...

Volunteering to say ‘thanks for having me New Zealand’

5 Sep 2023 | Articles

When Urs Steck isn't busy helping set up communication systems for satellites and rockets he has racked up countless hours volunteering

Gratitude drives giving

19 Aug 2023 | Articles

Kapil Chadha says his life used to revolve around making money – but now his focus has shifted to raising money and seeing the reward in a smile.

Cancer Society stalwart paying it forward

17 Aug 2023 | Articles

John Partridge vowed to help the Cancer Society any way he could the moment he woke from a 10 1/2 hour cancer surgery that saved his life.

Volunteer Stories

Circus and smiles

I find it very rewarding to assist the disabled to learn circus, their joyful smile always make my day.