Conservation Volunteer Roles:

Atiu Creek Conservation Weekend

CVNZ in collaboration with Auckland Council we’ll be managing the restoration of key areas within the stunning Atiu Creek Regional park, and welcome volunteers to join us, experience nature at its best and share in this exciting new venture.

Conservation Volunteering at Auckland's Southern Parks

Conservation Volunteers is running a series of events in some of Auckland's Southern Parks. We scheduled different Wednesdays from October to December in different locations where we will be carrying out a range of vital conservation activities.

Conservation Volunteer

The Connecting People with Parks programme is a partnership initiative between Conservation Volunteers and Auckland Council We visit Auckland Parks on a weekly basis to undertake a variety of tasks to restore the health of urban forests and waterways.

Love you stream days

Learn about stream restoration and monitoring with our stream rangers. Please remember the golden rule - if you are sick stay home.

Resource, Recovery and Recycling

Become a waste guru by sorting materials for reuse and recycling and keeping them out of landfill. Max 6 volunteers - face masks will be provided. Please remember the golden rule - if you are sick stay home.

Native Bush Restoration

This role involves mainly native tree planting from April-September and clearing exotics weeds from October-March. We do this work in our Forest & Bird Reserve, Atawhai Whenua on Waiheke Island.

Nursery Work Support

Nursery work includes pricking out seedlings from seed trays into tubes and into planter bags, moving plants around the nursery as they transition from newly pricked out seedlings to mature ready-to-plant saplings.

Weed Control

Controlling plant pests or weed is a very important part of the conservation project on Motutapu. We control a number of weeds but the main target is moth plant, an insidious vine that slowly strangles the native trees it attacks.

Hunua Ranges Kokako Recovery Project

Volunteers are needed to help bring pest numbers down so that the rare and beautiful bird, the North...

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