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21 Aug 2018 | Volunteer Stories

Emma volunteers as a Programme Coordinator with Achieve 2B

When I came to New Zealand I found a job I really enjoyed – and still enjoy doing! However after a few weeks of getting home from work and going through the usual routine, I realised there was something missing.

While I was good at my job and making a contribution to my company, I didn’t feel that I was contributing to society more broadly, and so I decided to browse the Volunteering Auckland website for opportunities that would suit my abilities, my personality, and my beliefs. That’s when I saw the ad for Newsletter Coordinator at Achieve 2B.

The values and ideals of Achieve 2B really appealed to me. Being someone who has travelled and lived internationally, I understand the importance of putting yourself in a new situation, out of your comfort zone. I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to travel, explore, and gain new experiences. That’s why I think what Achieve 2B is doing is so important – and why I wanted to become a volunteer with them.

The thing I love most about volunteering is the wonderful people I get to work with; Achieve 2B has such a strong team, who are always there to support one another and work towards a common goal. That makes a huge difference in keeping up the motivation and morale of the team. In my current role in the team (Programme Coordinator), the best part is getting to meet and work with our awesome students. It’s great to see their enthusiasm and willingness to delve into a new challenge that is just as scary as it is exciting.

As Programme Coordinator I get to run the student orientations, which for me is a huge privilege. Knowing that I will play a direct role in preparing students for their journey, and getting to share in their learning, their knowledge, and their excitement, is such an amazing thing that I am really excited to be a part of. I hope that in this role I can make a positive contribution to our students’ lives, by giving them the support they need to really come into their own on their exchange. That’s what Achieve 2B is all about – we’re not here to guide our students through an exchange, but to give them the tools they need to take flight of their own accord.

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