DreamCatchers WorldWide

DreamCatchersWW specialises in working with vulnerable community groups including tots, toddlers, youth, teenagers, elderly, those with disabilities or learning difficulties and more. We provide services including Community Dance classes, Volunteering Opportunities, Academic Workshops, Homework Hubs, Fitness and Wellbeing, Technology Classes, Movement & Mindfulness, Yoga, Team Building sessions, Writing Workshops and more...


Available Roles:

Community Yoga Instructor

Charity looking for Community Yoga instructor to teach 1 hour per week during term time.

Google Ads Officer

Kia ora We are looking for someone to be able to create, run and maintain Google Ads. The infrastructure has already been set up but we are in need of someone IT savvy to create Ad campaigns in order to generate donations.

Grant Application Writer

We are looking for someone to help with writing grant applications for different project ideas throughout the year.

Basic IT Skills/ Technology Community Tutor

We are looking for someone to join the team as a Smart Tech Community Tutor. You will need patience and enthusiasm and to show our seniors how to use basic technology skills. I need someone consistent and committed to complete the 3 terms.

Board Members

We are looking for experienced board members in the not for profit sector who would like to help cultivate DreamCatchers WorldWide charitable trust.

Volunteer Stories

A helping hand in an emergency

A helping hand in an emergency

It puts a different perspective on life ... you don’t see the reality, you don’t see the emotions that are right in front of your face

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