DreamCatchers WorldWide

Our mission is to establish a positive arts focused on charity that provide services to support, benefit and strengthen local communities regardless of age or ability. Currently we work in and around Auckland, providing a range of services. We aim to provide a versatile and inspirational platform allowing people to pursue their passions, whilst socialising and learning new skills.


Available Roles:

Event Support

We are looking for volunteers to help us prepare food, drink and sanitary parcels.

FEED4ALL 2020 Project Assistants

We are looking for someone to help us prepare for FEED4ALL 2020. We start the preparation process now with collecting information, statements, cold leads, potential donations, school contacts, printing promotional literature etc.

Fundraising Officer

We are looking for someone to help us develop our fundraising ideas and projects.

Grants Writer

We are looking for someone to help with writing grant applications for different project ideas throughout the year.

Board Members

We are looking for experienced board members in the not for profit sector who would like to help cultivate DreamCatchers WorldWide charitable trust.

Volunteer Stories

A weekly highlight

A weekly highlight

As a newbie to the big city I decided to look for some new experiences to get better acquainted with my community.

Volunteer newsletter

Keep up to date on the latest roles and events: