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Love your stream days

Learn about stream restoration and monitoring with our stream rangers. Please remember the golden rule - if you are sick stay home.

Fertility Support Series Coordinator, Auckland

Fertility NZ is a registered charity dedicated to providing information, support and advocacy to people experiencing fertility issues. We are looking for an administration superstar to coordinate the Fertility Support Series.

Volunteer Legal Advisor

We bring practical help to those with *ME/CFS and FM. We are growing as a charity and would love to have the help of someone with a legal background who could advise us as various aspects of our growth and day to day management are considered.

Massage Therapist (qualified)

Massage Therapist (Qualified) to provide neck and shoulder massage to caregivers of a child in hospital.

Business Development Facilitator

We are looking for a volunteer with senior experience in a Business Development role.

Upside Youth Mentor

Calling male mentors to develop a mentoring relationship with a young person to help them feel a little brighter and a little more loved than they did yesterday.

Packing Bags of Goodness - 2021

In 2021 from the 6th of Jan, we are looking for people to help us repack bulk produce donated by growers for delivery to agencies that support families who are struggling to put food on the table.

Social Media Manager - Twitter

Build content for, drive and manged the Communicare Twitter channel

Social Media Manager - Instagram

Build content for and manage the Communicare Instagram channel

Social Media Manager - TikTok/YouTube

Build content for and manage the Communicare TikTok and YouTube channels

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