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We are a 'for profit for good' organisation, where all net profits are used to help create "A Successful Planet". We promote the importance of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity for oneself, family, community and planet. All our products are 'biospherically correct' so they are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.


Available Roles:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Expert

We are looking for a person with excellent communication and SEO skills to drive forward our websites and social media reach. You need to be skilled in backend analytics, code to create custom analytical fields and customer relations responses.

Writer and Editor

We are looking for an editor and/or researcher/writer for a project that involves an extensive array of learning based literature and tools.

Videographer / Editor

We require an experienced Videographer/Editor to film and edit promotional material for our initiatives, Visions and wellness services. Work to be done in the CBD but some potential locations also.

Social Media Person / Strategist

We require a capable and skilled social media person who can make our social media presence come alive once again, as it has been neglected of late. However there are several initiatives about to launch and SM is now a high priority.


Vision for Humanity is opening a Wellness Center that is focused on advancing the individual; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Marketing and PR

Exciting, rewarding and challenging opportunity for accomplished Sales/PR/ Marketing person.

Herbalist and Aromachologist

Urgently need someone skilled in the making of natural skincare and products to help with our inhouse process.

Graphic Designer and/or UI UX designer

We require a graphic designer for a variety of design mediums: brochures, website, product labeling, social media content.

Architect or Draftsperson

We are striving towards opening a wellness center and currently need someone with 3D modelling skills.

Front-End & Back-End Web Developer

React and/or React Native developer. We are developing React websites and React Native health Apps to compliment and integrate with our wellness center.

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