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In a world of apparent turmoil, your role is a shining light

17 Oct 2022 | Articles

You are a member of a worldwide growing profession that is leading volunteers. There are people, just like you, connecting, networking, and helping ea...

Developing your Career beyond Volunteering

5 Oct 2022 | Articles

Morven Maclean shares her recent experience of moving from a Volunteer Management position into a senior role in the People / Organisational Developme...

Finding and using data that matters – 6 things to think about

29 Sep 2022 | Articles

Data is an important aspect of impact measurements. Read Anne Russell's article on what you need to know before you start looking for tools and datase...

Life experiences through Volunteering

12 Sep 2022 | Articles

Fostering practical skills and a plethora of job opportunities, volunteering has led Tracy through many life experiences

Simply Energy - simply Volunteering

8 Sep 2022 | Articles

Making meaningful connections between co-workers, through volunteering

Heart of Gold for Volunteering

5 Sep 2022 | Articles

A commitment to volunteering while building stronger work team relationships

The cumulative power of Volunteering

1 Sep 2022 | Articles

For Therese, the cumulative power of her experiences, paid and voluntary, gave her the confidence to put herself forward.

The Pumphouse Theatre - worthy of a visit!

29 Aug 2022 | Articles

Nestled on the shores of Lake Pupuke in Takapuna is The Pumphouse Theatre, offering volunteer opportunities that will take you into the world of theat...

Volunteers with "Number 8 Wire" ingenuity

23 Jun 2022 | Articles

Repair Cafe Aotearoa NZ where you can have your broken goods repaired by local volunteer specialists - reduce, reuse, recycle, repair!

A strong faith drives a helping life

23 Jun 2022 | Articles

Being of Pacific descent and having a strong Christian faith founded on God, Ana openly talks about her volunteering role as a Pacific person.

Volunteer Stories

Saving lives on the water

I moved back to Auckland after 10 years away. I've always done some sort of volunteer work...this time I decided to try something different