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Volunteering when disaster strikes

8 Oct 2023 | Articles

Is your organisation disaster-ready? Volunteering Auckland hosted a lively forum this week on volunteering in a disaster, and being prepared for emerg...

The joy of giving is Dave's driving force

5 Oct 2023 | Articles

A love of giving to others instilled by his granddad has become Dave Lovell's driving force.

Be kind to yourself, as well as others

19 Sep 2023 | Articles

For Mental Health Awareness week here are ‘5 Ways, 5 Days’: Simple things you can do for your mental wellbeing each day this week (and every week!).

Mental Health Awareness Week

13 Sep 2023 | Articles

Mental Health Awareness week recognises we all need to tool to look after our wellbeing. Five days, Five Ways provides tips for a week towards better...

Volunteering to say ‘thanks for having me New Zealand’

5 Sep 2023 | Articles

When Urs Steck isn't busy helping set up communication systems for satellites and rockets he has racked up countless hours volunteering

Gratitude drives giving

19 Aug 2023 | Articles

Kapil Chadha says his life used to revolve around making money – but now his focus has shifted to raising money and seeing the reward in a smile.

Cancer Society stalwart paying it forward

17 Aug 2023 | Articles

John Partridge vowed to help the Cancer Society any way he could the moment he woke from a 10 1/2 hour cancer surgery that saved his life.

Volunteering Auckland welcomes new Patron Cr. Richard Hills

5 Jul 2023 | Articles

Volunteering Auckland is proud to announce Auckland Councillor Richard Hills as our new Patron.

Belonging through volunteering

19 Jun 2023 | Volunteer Stories

'I found a balance between the motherland in which my roots stem and my current homeland in which my branches stretch'

The healing power of play

30 May 2023 | Volunteer Stories

'The simplicity of play affects the child, their family and me as a volunteer. I always leave with a smile on my face too.' - Daniel Jiminez

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