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Holiday Volunteering

12 Dec 2022 | Articles

Want to volunteer over the holiday break? Check our our suggestions ...

2022 LoVE Awards and Launching Rangatahi Te Mahi Tūao

11 Dec 2022 | Articles

2022 LoVE Awards - Recognizing those who lead in the volunteering space. Individuals, organisations, and companies.

Volunteering - a Spoken Word poem

9 Dec 2022 | Articles

Volunteering - It’s being grounded in our community, Connected to the people, Contributing to the land. A Spoken Word poem

Gaining life skills through volunteering

7 Dec 2022 | Articles

This is Aira Li's volunteering journey. Aira is a Yr 13 student at Takapuna Grammar. They presented their story at the 2022 LoVE Awards where Volunte...

No regrets - a volunteering journey

5 Dec 2022 | Articles

"Volunteering truly makes you a better person and that itself should be the reason to start or keep volunteering in the future." says Sora Endo, Yr 12

Creating a community of volunteers

2 Dec 2022 | Articles

Mahara Lawson is building a thriving and fulfilled volunteer community at Auckland City Mission.

Combining upskilling volunteers with fostering of community

1 Dec 2022 | Articles

West Auckland Budgeting Service acknowledges and celebrates the volunteers, but most importantly values them for more than what they are doing.

Commitment to social impact extends beyond the boardroom

30 Nov 2022 | Articles

Marsh McLennan's commitment to social impact extends beyond the boardroom and into New Zealand communities through their strong voluntary ethos.

Giving families with a hospitalised child what they need most – each other

19 Oct 2022 | Articles

Helping families feel at home— even when they can’t be

In a world of apparent turmoil, your role is a shining light

17 Oct 2022 | Articles

You are a member of a worldwide growing profession that is leading volunteers. There are people, just like you, connecting, networking, and helping ea...

Volunteer Stories

The people are all sweet

When I first came to New Zealand I received a lot help from others and for the first time I got a feeling of being encouraged and blessed.