NGOs - What you Wanted to Know

5 Dec 2018 | Articles

NGOs - What you Wanted to Know

Frequently asked Question on Volunteering Auckland's Services

1. Do you offer advice or coaching through one on one consultation?

Volunteering Auckland offers a consultation service to NGO community organisations to support in the review and development of their volunteer involving programmes and services.

We also offer one-on-one mentoring support with our General Manager, Cheryll Martin, who has over 20 years experience in volunteer engagement, processes and practices.

There is a consultation fee for these services.

Non-profit members can request a 1 hour free consultation in developing and reviewing their volunteer policies, programmes and practices upon registration as a member (must be used within 6 months of initial membership registration).

Contact Cheryll Martin for more details.

2. Can I access Professional Development for Leaders of Volunteer Engagement?

Yes - We offer professional development specifically designed for leaders, managers and coordinators of volunteers – the people responsible for volunteer engagement - within the community / voluntary sector.

You can attend seminars, forums and training workshops specifically designed to help you engage, retain and mobilise volunteers.

Information on upcoming learning opportunities are published in our Volunteer Trends e-news as well as on our website. 2019 events will be live soon!

You could also be a part of the ALV Forum Leadership Team, developing and delivering content on volunteer engagement, in all its aspects, to your peers. This team meets bi-monthly. Our 2019 team has been selected. Send your expression of interest in being a part of this Team in 2020 to Cheryll Martin.

Our General Manager, Cheryll Martin, is also an Assessor for the Certificate in Volunteer Management [Level 4, NZQA]. Contact Cheryll Martin for more details.

3. What is the MLP Team and how do they work? [Member Liaison Programme]

The Membership Liaison Programme (MLP) has been developed to support our relationship with NGO community organisation members.

NGO community organisation members can have a one-on-one meeting with the MLP team on an annual or bi-annual basis to inform us on any changes, future developments or issues concerning their volunteer involving programmes. These meetings help the NGO make the most of their membership with Volunteering Auckland which can include help with accessing our services as well as identifying and listing individual and corporate volunteering roles.

If you would like to have more information on membership (if you are not a member of VA) or regarding MLP visits, please contact Neha Priya

4. How do I advertise volunteer roles on the VA website?

You are able to list / submit a role via the Request for Volunteers form on the Volunteering Auckland website.

The role submission comes to VA which is added to our Connect database and once reviewed it will go live on the website. You will receive a notification to review your listing. Your information will go directly to the volunteers who register for the role and you will also receive their contact details. We encourage both parties to get in touch with each other. There is no limit to the number of roles you list.

To list a role an NGO community organisation needs to be a member of Volunteering Auckland and a registered charity with either / or Charities Services, a Charitable Trust or an Incorporated Society.

5. Can I get support with developing volunteer roles?

Yes - Support is available initially from the MLP team with identifying a role and how to list it. Also check the information provided in Guidelines to make Volunteering a Better Experience and ensuring your role is Suitable for Volunteers. The Request for Volunteers form has help text to guide you along.

If you need further support or have questions you can contact Marja van Straaten for advice and suggestions.

6. How do I access Corporate volunteers?

Volunteering Auckland offers an Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP) which provides team based volunteering opportunities for our business community who are current members.

We actively look for team volunteering days within our Not for Profit community which will provide these members with meaningful volunteer opportunities. This gives the Not for Profit the opening to raise awareness of their work and to further engage a team of enthusiastic volunteers in completing projects and ongoing tasks required to keep the organisation running smoothly.

If you would like a visit from our EVP coordinator please contact Sally O’Brien

7. What is LoVE" - now ALV [Auckland Leaders of Volunteering] and what is it for?

ALV is a networking and support forum for leaders, managers, coordinators of volunteers, and others responsible for engaging volunteers in the delivery of your services and programmes. It is a network where you can have the opportunity to discuss, present and learn about various aspects of volunteer engagement. You can also network with your peers across the community voluntary sector in Auckland.

Contact Cheryll Martin for more details.

8. What other information and resources on Volunteering do you offer?

Our e-newsletter Volunteer Trends is for news, views, upcoming events including workshops, forums, etc. This information is to support you in your role in recruiting, managing, mobilising and recognising volunteers. We also include information on volunteering trends, and links to resources we have come across that we think will be of interest to you.

We have a library of resources, books, journals, and papers collected over many years that also holds some volunteering ‘gems’! Come for a visit to our office and see for yourself!

To register for our e-news Volunteer Trends register here

Volunteering Auckland's CRM database is capable of creating volunteer activity reports including statistics on an organisation’s volunteer referrals, through VA, from all roles to specific roles. Contact Cheryll Martin for more information.

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