Work-life balance

5 Sep 2017 | Volunteer Stories

I work in the marketing and production team at Sovereign and look after customer loyalty.

I have previously volunteered at De Paul House with Sovereign where we spent the day doing landscaping and deep cleaning. It was good to go there and help, many hands made for light work.

This time as a larger team we were able to make a big difference. We replaced the sand in the sand pit and sorted donated toys, re-installed car seats and cleaned cars. It was a big help for people who really needed it. Small things can be very significant to people in their moment of need.

I think it’s great that Sovereign provides a staff volunteer day. There is a great community feel and it improves work-life balance.

See our Corporate Volunteering Opportunities for ways your company can engage with the community.

Volunteer Stories

Volunteering with a big heart

I wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the organisation and to learn more about myself.