Managers of Volunteers Auckland - a forum for you!

22 Feb 2016 | Articles

Managers of Volunteers Auckland - a forum for you!

Register in our online MoVA conversation forum to assist in keeping in touch, finding and contacting your colleagues across sectors and across Auckland and to keep track of the many issues we may need to discuss when recruiting, mobilising, and retaining volunteers.

MoVA Online Forum - SUBSCRIBE to get updates
Subcscribing is the best way to stay in touch with what's happening. Once you are registered, subscribe by clicking the Subscribe Button on the right side in the General Discussion forum in order to get an email notification that a new topic has been started. If there is a particular topic you want to keep involved with or follow you also subscribe to each. A simple click will do this! When you are no longer interested in the topic just untick the box.

Current topics up for discussion are:

  • Young People as Volunteers 13-18 years
  • Retiring Volunteers
  • Student Volunteers/Interns
  • Training for Volunteers
  • Police Checks for Volunteers

Is there anything you would like to discuss? Start a new topic ...

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We look forward to joining in discussions with you online!

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Protecting our native wildlife

Protecting our native wildlife

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