How you can help - State of Emergency in Tāmaki Makaurau I Auckland

28 Jan 2023 | Articles

Brief pointers from article about how you can help

Here are some headline points and tips for the morning. Auckland Emergency Management may have more as the day progresses.

‼️ If you believe someone you know is missing please contact police.
‼️ Please do not travel if you don’t have to.
‼️ Mains water is safe to drink.
‼️ All of our parks, tracks and beaches are closed for your own safety. Please stay away.
‼️ We are anticipating further rainfall so please keep an eye on the weather forecast.
‼️ Stay out of flood waters, they can be dangerous & contaminated with sewage.
‼️ Reduce water use to take pressure off our damaged pump stations and to protect our waterways.
‼️ Check on friends & whānau.
‼️ If you are helping neighbours clean up please remember that anything wet could be contaminated with sewage or road run off and could be harmful. Wear masks and gloves if you can.
‼️ Take photos for insurance and assess damage, they will answer eventually, but no doubt they are stretched.
‼️ Report blocked drains and debris to 09 301-0101 these will be prioritised based on risk. Or log here:
‼️ Street flooding or other hazards to 09 355 3553.
‼️ Problems with burst water pipes or waste water overflowing please log here

? If you or anyone is in danger call 111
? MSD welfare assistance is now available for those affected. Call 0800 400 100
? If you need urgent accommodation assistance, phone us on 0800 22 22 00. Or do your best to stay with whānau.
Mental health support lines here:

The North Shore Civil Defence Centre has been moved to Massey University's Albany Campus
The location of our three current Civil Defence Centres are:
⚠️Massey University Albany Campus, Sir Neil Walters Lecture Theatre, Massey University East Precint, Albany Expressway SH17. Please enter through Gate 1
⚠️Manu Tukutuku, 32 Riverton Drive, Randwick Park
⚠️St. Leonards Road School, 15 Saint Leonards Road, Kelston
Please remember to take any essential items you may need with you, such as medicine, warm clothing, and baby items

If you want to sign up to offer help - check out Student Volunteer Army
Kia kaha Auckland - look after each other.

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A helping hand in an emergency

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