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The cumulative power of Volunteering

1 Sep 2022 | Articles

For Therese, the cumulative power of her experiences, paid and voluntary, gave her the confidence to put herself forward.

The Pumphouse Theatre - worthy of a visit!

29 Aug 2022 | Articles

Nestled on the shores of Lake Pupuke in Takapuna is The Pumphouse Theatre, offering volunteer opportunities that will take you into the world of theat...

Volunteers with "Number 8 Wire" ingenuity

23 Jun 2022 | Articles

Repair Cafe Aotearoa NZ where you can have your broken goods repaired by local volunteer specialists - reduce, reuse, recycle, repair!

A strong faith drives a helping life

23 Jun 2022 | Articles

Being of Pacific descent and having a strong Christian faith founded on God, Ana openly talks about her volunteering role as a Pacific person.

Impact Measures for Non Profits

9 Jun 2022 | Articles

How you can make a start today on formulating the difference you seek to make in the world - in a relevant and measurable way.

Variety is the spice of volunteering

6 Jun 2022 | Articles

Cheryll Martin shares her background, what keeps her motivated, and her views on the future of volunteering. Cheryll was awarded a QSO, 6 June 2022

Helping children view the world through science

3 Jun 2022 | Articles

Viewing the world through science helps children learn critical thinking and more!

Fix Up, Look Sharp

24 May 2022 | Articles

Having someone there to help you find something that's relevant for the job and looks good builds confidence and relieves some stress.

An Organic Oasis in the City

9 May 2022 | Articles

Take a "rural" break in the city and learn about life in this community farming oasis ...

Meet Melinda ...

14 Apr 2022 | Articles

I am excited about the learning I will gain with Volunteering Auckland and how it will develop me as a person.

Volunteer Stories

Helping others overcome obstacles

I've watched the members not only smile and grow but overcome some of the most difficult obstacles.