Auckland Horticultural Council Incorporated

To educate, support and encourage the general public in horticulture and home gardening practices for all ages. Our programme includes shows, workshops and expert speakers on all things horticulture. We supply a venue for Garden clubs from the wider Auckland community to meet and enjoy the pool of knowledge available. We are especially keen to get the younger generations involved in gardening at an early age as they are the horticulturists of the future.

Available Roles:

Flower Show Assistants

The Auckland Horticultural Council aims to educate, support and encourage people in Horticulture and Home Gardening. Come along and assist with the Auckland Horticulture Council Festival of Flowers, Saturday 27th February .

General Event Assistants

Come along and assist with all things practical at the Auckland Horticultural Council Show in February. We are seeking able bodied people to help with setting up and dismantling the event.

Volunteer Stories

Volunteering with a big heart

Volunteering with a big heart

I wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the organisation and to learn more about myself.

Volunteer newsletter

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