Rest Assured Respite Charitable Trust

To provide respite care to those who need a tranquil, supportive environment. Primarily but not limited to those with ME/CFS/FM. While developing the respite facility we also provide a collection of support services, such as nutritious and reasonably priced pre-prepared meals, an Op Shop to generate ongoing operational income, and well informed advice.

Available Roles:

MEals Support Programme Assistant

We bring practical help to those with *ME/CFS and FM through our MEals Support Programme which delivers quality, nutritious, easy prep food to those severely affected. We are looking for someone to help our team in the delivery of this service.


We are looking for someone with experience of NfP governance, or an enthusiastic person with knowledge of ME/CFS who is keen to learn about governance.

Volunteer Stories

Volunteering with a big heart

Volunteering with a big heart

I wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the organisation and to learn more about myself.

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