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A short title that reflects the activity of the role.

What is the situation or need? How will this role contribute?

A short summary of the work in practical terms. A complete role description can be given when you make contact with the volunteer. Break down tasks if the role is too big - keep it manageable.

Think about the work of your organisation, who does it benefit? How will the volunteer benefit from this experience, and what difference will they be making? Consider what could motivate a volunteer.

How will the volunteer be supported in this role? Will they be supervised or work independently? What systems do you have to help the volunteer complete the work? Who is their 'go-to' person?

Will the work be at your office, in the field, or at the volunteer's home?

Be specific about dates and how much time is needed for this role. If times are flexible then provide guidelines on your expectations, including the amount of time required and how often.

What skills, qualifications, experience and attributes are needed for this role? Be specific about what are requirements and what is only desirable.

Do you provide orientation or training before the volunteer begins work? Explain what the volunteer can expect.

Specify street address if appropriate.

Do you reimburse travel costs?

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If you have an online application form we can help volunteers apply directly

Volunteer Stories

For the love of the Sea - 25 years of Volunteering

For the love of the Sea - 25 years of Volunteering

Model ships, muffins and sailing the seas .. volunteering is more than a pastime for these two men. Its a passion!