Gabby at Devonport Community House

28 Nov 2017 | Volunteer Stories

Why did you decide to volunteer?
For my school diploma we are required to complete over 50 hours of volunteering, however I found that I genuinely enjoy volunteer work and I will continue to volunteer even after my diploma.

Why did you choose this particular organisation?
Volunteering Auckland is the most efficient volunteer work finding website I have come across. It presents the available jobs very well and makes it easy for me to apply for them, Devonport Community House was local and it was working with kids.

What is it you really enjoy about your role and volunteering?
I feel like many people are looking in the wrong places for self fulfilment, buying things and consuming offer only temporary feelings of happiness. I find that volunteer work not only makes me happy for a long time, but also makes me feel better about myself.

Volunteer Stories

Connecting the Dots

The reason I decided to volunteer is because I am always looking for reasons for give back to the community.