Take the Next Step

9 Aug 2019 | Articles

Take the Next Step

Studies have shown that a rise in social isolation, health issues and disconnection from their community is plaguing many of those who have retired from working.

Volunteering Auckland’s new Ambassadors Programme is set to change that.

This new programme, a first for Aotearoa, will allow those considering moving out of the workplace a chance to imagine volunteering as the next step in their careers.

Volunteering through our Ambassadors Programme, Employees will not only have a chance to continue using their skills , they will realise they have a lot more to offer, new skills to learn and a place to showcase that contribution while making new connections.

As an Employer you will have the benefit of a practical succession plan for your staff, a chance to show consideration for the wellbeing of those taking the next step in their career life while contributing to the causes with a values match to your CSR and/or Employee Volunteering programmes.

As a Non Profit community voluntary organisation, and a member of Volunteering Auckland, you will have the benefit of engaging with volunteers with valuable skills, talents and time.

The Ambassadors Programme will be introduced to those considering the next phase of their life prior to retirement, giving a taste of volunteering, in a meaningful value-add way.

The Ambassadors Programme is a chance to look to the future and see the next phase of life not as a loss but the start of a new adventure.

Interested in knowing more, or being a part of, our Ambassadors Programme - Employer, Employee, NonProfit - contact us.

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