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Mindful Money is a charitable social enterprise, established in 2018. We aim to re-orient KiwiSaver and investment funds to support social and environmental aims. Currently most funds profit from pollution and exploitation, with investments in sectors like fossil fuel production, human rights abuses, animal cruelty, gambling and pornography. Our aim is to make investment a force for good.

The Mindful Money website went live in June 2019 and in the first 12 months $9m of KiwiSaver funds were switched using the website. Now we are looking to build on that strong start by shifting $50m within the next year. Just as important is our awareness raising and advocacy for ethical investing, recognising that most choices to invest ethically don't go through Mindful Money's website.

Our volunteer programme provides volunteers with work experience in a defined role, with management, support, feedback and on-the-job training from highly experienced staff. Volunteers gain experience in a small, growing organisation doing exciting work. References will be provided to volunteers who perform well in their role and fulfil the agreed term and responsibilities. Volunteers need to commit to working at least 6 hours per week for at least a three month period. All roles will require working from home. All agreed travel costs and expenses will be reimbursed.


The role is to organise events, most notably a major conference and awards event in 2021, and coordinate outreach for other events including online seminars. The role will report to the CEO, who will provide support, advice and direction. The key tasks are to:

  • Develop a basic outline for the event, in discussion with the core Mindful Money team, for consultation;
  • Identify potential speakers and sponsors; award categories and processes; and logistics;
  • Develop and maintain a contacts list for events outreach;
  • Develop relationships with allies, sponsors and speakers, and keep them informed and involved in Mindful Money’s planning.

Mindful Money is looking for a volunteer who is committed to making a positive change in the world. The role will suit someone who has strong communications skills, including:

  • Well organised, thorough and able to show initiative;
  • Strong written and oral communications and able to use spreadsheets (Excel);
  • Experience of organising events is essential;
  • Experience of organising conferenmces or awards events is desirable;
  • Experience with building relationships with partner organisations is desirable;
  • Experience of using social media and digital marketing for outreach is desirable.
Time commitment:

Volunteers need to commit to working at least 6 hours per week for at least a three month period. All roles will require working from home and are flexible hours.

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

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