NZ Bird Rescue Charitable Trust

Volunteers at this centre raise hundreds of orphans of all species, and rehabilitate sick and injured birds, some requiring no more than a few hours of care - while others require many months. With an ever increasing demand for our services our long term goal is to build a world-class Avian hospital and Rehabilitation centre at our Green Bay property.

Available Roles:


Wire in stove, change 1 to 2 outlets plugs, review heat lamps for safety.


Seabird enclosure and change tap washers.

Bird Rehabilitation Caregiver

As a Bird Rehabilitation Caregiver you will provide important support to the rehabilitation of sick or injured wildlife. If you have an interest in caring for birds we'd love to hear from you.

Outdoor Avian Assistant

If you love being out in the Great Outdoors, rain, hail or shine and would enjoy the opportunity to maintain your fitness while caring for and (at times) handling amazing birds then this is the role for you.

Volunteer Stories

Part of the Achieve2B family

Part of the Achieve2B family

It’s truly inspiring to see people who are at a disadvantage push through, not give up and bravely participate.

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